About Us

Humble Beginnings


My love of food began in 2004 when I started selling dinners to my daughters daycare to help pay bills and the more I did it the better I got and the more people liked my food. I entered Culinary school the next Fall and graduated in 2008 at the top of my class and the rest is history. The one thing with my catering organization and with my upcoming restaurant is that I strive for true southern hospitality in an elegant, yet down home warm setting. As with any catering firm and restaurant we strive for consistency with all of the dishes prepared and the use of the freshest ingredients. We also strive to maintain the use of the low-fat cooking methods in traditional southern dishes as much as possible. My story does not end here, this is where everything begins and I am looking forward to changing lives of the people that I come in contact with whether it's feeding them or helping them get into college. Happy Eating